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Anntel Network  provide turn-key switching platforms for smaller carriers as well as a service control point for larger carriers using a Class 4 or 5 switch for long distance and phone card services with many enhanced and profitable features.

It provides an ideal solution for service providers who are determine to change to an IP network. With native support for all PSTN protocols and SIP, Anntel minimizes provisioning and management work as well as capital investment. Small footprint saves operation costs and training time for multi applications.  Service providers can utilize other carriers' lower-cost VoIP termination for their telephony services. Similar type service providers can provide enhanced IP originating services to other providers to maximize the utilization of the existing TDM             connection with integrated applications features.

You can be a switch-based calling card service provider with a small capital investment with our Anntel share- program. This Phone card platform is small scale compared to our Anntel-Uniswitch, having only 1/3 the capacity - but is large compared to other companies' products. It can support up to 5000 ports in 1U/2U form factor with all the features also found in Anntel-UniSwitch. Even with our smallest system, your services run at a high telecom-grade platform.


Reseller Program

 Anntel Network enables resellers to operate their entire business - from facilities, to billing, to back office - on our platform, just as if they owned a switch, with no capital or back-office investment. Resellers can offer their customers.   


 Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Card Service

Long Distance Service

International IP telephone             

Callshop Worldwide ( Internet cafe)

Callback Worldwide

Prepaid Conferencing

PrepaidLong Distance:                                                    

-        ANI authentication
- Real-time rating
- Web-based administration

The service is provisioned via the Internet, using a Web browser to provide telecommunications service providers the option of bundling long-distance services with other prepaid products.

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